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For a Great Burger have it their way!

Chicago Sun-Times Article

Voted Best Outdoor Dining Area

Elmhurst Patch Readers Choice


Steve Mack Voted Best Bartender

Elmhurst Patch Readers Choice

Chicago Tribune: Bicentennial Bucket List

December 2, 2018

The 12-ounce hand-patties Barry burger served with "great crisp fries and a crisp fresh salad with garlic dressing" is one of many items on the menu at this family-owned institution...

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Chicago Magazine: A Schnitzel emporium

September Issue 2017

Enter this chalet-like building and step through a time (and space) warp to a classic Bohemian joint Specializing in breaded pork tenderloin, roast duckling, and, of course, weiner schnitzel.

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Chicago's Best: Mack's Golden Pheasant

June 2014

Try it: Roast Duck, Schnitzel and a few cocktails!


Ted's Take: This place is very unassuming from the outside but full of great surprise indoors. It's essentially three places in one. The local bar crowd upon entry, the dining area for couples, families, and friends and the beautiful back garden patio.


Let's talk turkey...uh or duck! The roasted duck at Mack's is delish! Not so greasy at all, crispy skin and bursting with flavor. Everything is homemade and Steve runs a tight ship of consistency. He and his family are great and will welcome you with open arms!

Suburban Living: "Where Quality Counts"

November 2016

Among the stuffed game displays, paintings and other decorations at Mack’s Golden Pheasant restaurant is nearly seven decades of local history.

What first began as a bar began serving food in 1948 and has been providing patrons with family Czech recipes along with newer fare ever since, always run by the Mack family.

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Meet Jessica Mack of Mack's Golden Pheasant

The Fourth Generation of Mack's shares her story

I am the fourth generation of ownership at Mack’s Golden Pheasant Restaurant. My Great Grandparents Frank and Mae Mack came to Elmhurst from the Czech Republic in 1948. They decided to turn a one room tavern into a full service lounge and restaurant. They converted the small building on the corner of North Avenue and Route 83 into a Czech-Austrian inspired chalet. 

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Chicago's Best WGN: Best Weiner Schnitzel and Best Roast Duckling

June 2014

Chicago's Best Western Burbs: Mack's Golden Pheasant

Czech, Please: Mack's keeps 'em coming in Elmhurst

September 2017

Golden Pheasant still uses the recipes from Jessica’s great grandmother. Everything is homemade, from the hand-patty hamburgers to the dressings made from scratch.

Inside the eatery is a dining room section that offers a homey feeling and a bar area for a night out with friends.

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Time Out Chicago: 50 Best Unknown Bars in Chicago

June 2014

Mack's Golden Pheasant


Hell yes, there’s still one place in the Chicago area where you can sip $3 mixed drinks and $2 beers. This third-generation family-owned restaurant and bar, in business since 1948, was passed down by a former Illinois state game judge (and named after his favorite bird). It features taxidermied game birds inside the bar and what used to be a working pigeon coop, a garden and koi pond out back. Don’t miss the food, including roast duckling and hearty Austrian specialties. 668 W North Ave, Elmhurst (630-279-8544).—Christina Couch


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Chicago's Best in Elmhurst


Featured on Chicago’s Best TV Western Suburbs edition, Mack’s is an Elmhurst staple, and a terrific option for family meals or a night out. They even have a banquet menu for your next special event. The lodge atmosphere, complete with fireplace and huge windows, is a lovely atmosphere. During the warmer months, you can sit outside on the patio, overlooking the garden and koi ponds.


Mack’s Golden Pheasant is one of those places you may drive by without noticing. If you read online reviews, most everyone says the same thing: not much on the outside but great food inside. Mack’s began sometime in the late 1930s/early 1940 when Frank and Mae Mack purchased a small one-room tavern on W. North Ave. In 1948, they expanded into a full-service restaurant/lounge. The couple chose to build their business in a traditional Czech-Austrian chalet. Unfortunately, this building was destroyed in a fire in 1962. The Macks rebuilt their chalet, slightly larger this time around. This is the building we know and love today, complete with the decorations chosen by Frank and Mae. Today, the restaurant is still maintained by the Mack family.


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Of Cabbages and Kings...

June 2014

Here's a little snippet of an interesting article about us!

Chicago Tribune: "...the oldest continuously family-owned restaurant in DuPage County.."

June 2014

Mack's Golden Pheasant in Elmhurst is the "newcomer" of the group, first opened by Frank and Mae Mack as a tavern in the late 1930s and then expanding into a full service restaurant in 1948. Also located on North Avenue, it has the distinction of being the oldest continuously family-owned restaurant in DuPage County, run today by Frank's grandson and his family.


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Mancow Morning Show Catering

July 2014


The Doings Newspaper: Everyone knows your name at Mack's

June 2014

Sorrounded by framed pheasants, stuffed deer heads and comforting smell of home-cooked food, Debra Mack settles in behind a wooden table in the sun-filled dining area of her restaurant.

Elmhurst Lifestyle Magazine: The Generational Restaurants of Elmhurst

July 2014

Mack's has a history of great food and drinks!

Roadside Peak Historic Signs: Neon Eateries Midwest

July 2014

The marquee for Mack's Golden Pheasant was recently restored. The sign itself is dated inside 1936.


According to the Mack's Golden Pheasant website, the business is the oldest continuously family owned restaurant in DuPage County and started up sometime in the late 1930's or early 1940's. After being devastated by fire in 1962, the Golden Pheasant was rebuilt and has been a survivor to this day. 11-09


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